Electronic Timers

In the Electronic Timers (EB04) course, students work with industrial-grade timer devices used extensively in time-delay relays, motor drives and digital circuits. Students acquire skills including connecting and operating a 555 timer, verifying an astable timer circuit and connecting and operating an electronic pulse train The skills-based curriculum builds on the concepts learned in the prerequisite course, Thyristor Electric Motor Drives (EB03). Electronic Timers (EB04) presents seven additional skills with a timer Flexponent® panel.


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LearnMate® E-learning Content: Electronic Timers (EB04)
Teachers’ Guide
(1) Flexponent® panel:
Panel E089: Timers and Triggers

*Requirement (sold separately)

JobMaster® Learning Station Order #10-LS00-0200

Power Control Panel (120V): Order #10-PC04-0000

* International step-down transformer package (Order #10-PC09-0000) required for international applications.

Prerequisite courses
Thyristor Electric Motor Drives (EB03) Order #16-EB03

Course Outline

Skills Acquired

Skill 1 Locating Timer Pins
Skill 2 Verifying a Monostable Timer Circuit
Skill 3 Connecting and Operating a 555 Timer in Monostable (One-Shot) Mode
Skill 4 Verifying an Astable Timer Circuit
Skill 5 Connecting and Operating a 555 Timer in Astable (Multivibrator) Mode
Skill 6 Verifying a Pulse Train Circuit
Skill 7 Connecting and Operating an Electronic Pulse Train

Hardware Specifications

Panel E089: Timers and Triggers
Panel type: Single
1 Timer
1 Potentiometer
1 NO pushbutton switch

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