Hand-Held Digital Oscilloscope

Hand-held Digital Oscilloscope (EB01C) covers eight skills including identifying oscilloscope controls, performing AC voltage calculations, and measuring frequency. The skills-based curriculum presents hands-on activities using industrial-grade test equipment including a hand-held digital oscilloscope.


Order #16-EB01C:
LearnMate® E-learning Content: Hand-held Digital Oscilloscope (EB01C)
Teachers’ Guide
(2) Flexponent‚Ñ¢ panels:
Panel E087: Adjustable Power Supply
Panel E153: AC/DC Circuit
Hand-held Digital Oscilloscope

*Requirement (sold separately)

JobMaster® Learning Station Order #10-LS00-0200

Power Control Panel (120V): Order #10-PC04-0000

* International step-down transformer package (Order #10-PC09-0000) required for international applications.

Course Outline

Skills Acquired
Skill 1: Reading the Oscilloscope Screen
Skill 2: Identifying and Using Oscilloscope Controls
Skill 3: Setting Up and Operating the Oscilloscope
Skill 4: Performing AC Voltage Calculations
Skill 5: Measuring AC Voltage and Frequency
Skill 6: Performing DC Voltage Calculations
Skill 7: Measuring DC Voltage
Skill 8: Storing and Recalling Screen Displays

Hardware Specifications

Panel E087: Adjustable Power Supply
Panel type: Single
1 Adjustable power supply, 3-12V @ 2A
Panel E153: AC/DC Circuit
Panel type: Single
1 Transformer, 24v output, 40 VA rating
1 Encapsulated solar cell, 0.45V/200mA
1 Bridge rectifier, 4A, 50PIV
1 Candelabra socket
1 Lightbulb, 24Vs
Hand-held Digital Oscilloscope
5MHz Bandwidth
25MS/s (dual channel); 50MS/s (single channel) max.
sample rate per channel
512 single shot; 256 all other modes record length
Single shot, roll, normal sample mode
50mV max vertical sensitivity
600V DC or AC rms max input voltage
Auto, normal, single trigger modes
Channel A, B, external trigger source
AC, DC trigger coupling
1μS to 5S timebase
1MΩ input impedance
Compact low profile

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