Sensor Technology Training (Lab)

Sensors Technology teaches students how to design and assemble basic control circuits using sensors.
Sensors teaches the concepts and application of digital and analog sensors in control circuits. Students design and build circuits with various sensors including light sensors, fiber optic, magnetic and pressure.

Students learn how digital and analog sensors function. They also also learn how a sensor’s analog signal is converted to a digital output.

Course Outline

Activity 1: Introduction to Sensors
Activity 2: Contact Sensors
Activity 3: Digital Light Sensors
Activity 4: Analog Light Sensors
Activity 5: Reed Switch Sensors
Activity 6: Logic AND Circuits
Activity 7: Logic OR Circuits
Activity 8: Relays – Logic NOT Circuits
Activity 9: Inductive Proximity Sensors – Intro
Activity 10: Inductive Proximity Sensors –
Activity 11: Pressure Sensors
Activity 12: On-Off Control Systems
Activity 13: Using an Optic Fiber as a Conductor
Activity 14: Control Circuit Design
Activity 15: Conclusion

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