• BenchMill 6x00 labts.co.id
    Machining & Advanced Manufacturing

    Benchmill 6×00 CNC Machining Center

    CNC Milling Technology introduces students to the fundamentals of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling by working with a variety of machining applications with the BenchMill 6×00.

    Students learn the fundamentals of CNC milling by working with industrial-based equipment to accurately machine series of complex parts. Students observe and experience CNC’s superiority over time-consuming, less accurate, manually controlled machine tools.

    Activities challenge students to develop and edit programs, and machine assorted parts. Students gain hands-on experience in proper machine set up, cutting tools selection, tool path simulation and machining center operation. Students design solutions for industrial CNC milling applications with an emphasis on real industrial concerns, such as optimized programming, accurate milling and increased productivity.

    The machining center features an intuitive software interface and conforms to industrial EIA, ISO, Fanuc and G&M code standards.

    CNC Milling Technology with BenchMill 6×00 is also available in Virtual format!
    With a fully simulated BenchMill 6×00 Mill, students learn the same skills as the Lab version via interactive online activities. Choose between Lab and Virtual courses based on your program objectives and budget, or implement both together for a truly scalable program.

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  • Diesel Engine with Motor labts.co.id

    Diesel Engine with Motor

    The diesel engine with motor teaches students how to replace the timing belt and various other belts, how to replace the oil filter and generator.


    Consists of: 2,500cc Diesel engine, Generator, Air Conditioning Compressor, Fuel System, Cooling System, Lubrication System, Intake Manifold, 220V Motor, Safety Breaker, Emergency Switch, Safety Fuse, Engine speed controller, Steel frame with Heat treatment painting And 4 wheels brake.

    Size : Appox. 1,000 X 650 X 1,500 mm

    Weight : Approx. 300 kg

    Key Features

    • Teaches the functions and operating principles of a Diesel Engine.
    • Colour coded sections for education efficiency
    • Manufactured to replicate a real vehicle with internal engine movement.
    • Operated by motors so it runs in the same way of an actual vehicle.
    • Operation process of inner parts such as pistons and valvesand crank.
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  • ARCBoat lite labts.co.id
    Marine, Naval, Hydrodinamic and Oceanograph

    ARCboat Lite

    This new, smaller lighter solution shares many of the features of the original vessel, but we have optimised it to carry out bathymetric and river current surveys in lower flow environments.

    With a robust, lightweight hull, the ARCboat Lite has been specifically designed for use by a single person. Its detachable bow and grab rails make it easy and safe to handle, deploy and recover from survey sites.

    High manoeuvrability and shallow draft combine to allow the ARCboat Lite to reach more of a survey site than has been previously possible.

    The ARCboat Lite is built around a central moon-tube, which not only provides strength at the core of the vessel, but can also accommodate a wide range of sensors, such as SBES and ADCP, from a wide range of manufacturers. Other survey instrumentation, such as the top-box and communications equipment, is housed in the purpose designed hull recess.

    The ARCboat Lite is an highly effective alternative to larger, more expensive survey vessels.

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  • MotoMan MHJF Educational Robot labts.co.id

    MotoMan MHJF Industrial Robot

    The ultra-light, compact MotoMan MHJF offers advanced robotic path control, speed and accuracy in an affordable, industrial grade robot. This highly portable and easy to install robot enables simplified system integration.

    The MHJF uses small-capacity motors (max: 80 W) for all axes allowing the robot to be used without a safety fence in the same area as students. The MHJF features a 545 mm (21.4”) reach, weighs only 15kg (33lbs) and offers the widest work envelope in its class. Because of its small footprint, it can be floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted.

    The MHJF controller has an Open Architecture that will enable students to program the robot in C, C++, C# or .NET environments. The MHJF supports both stand-alone applications as well as sophisticated automated workcells. The robot offers superior performance in small part applications such as assembly, dispensing, packaging, material handling, and machine tending.
    The compact design and built-in collision avoidance features with multiple robot control allow up to four robots to be used together to maximize productivity while reducing overall floor space requirements.

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  • basic solar energy trainer labts.co.id
    Alternative Energy

    Basic Solar Energy Trainer

    The Solar Energy Trainer introduces the fundamentals of a solar cell (photovoltaic Cell) and conversion of the suns photons into electrical energy. This can be monitored with a built in voltmeter and ammeter to measure the voltage and current produced. The Trainer allows the study of the characteristics and application of solar energy and the charge of batteries using solar energy.


    • Calculation of voltage and current of solar cells
    • Calculation of voltage and current of solar cells in parallel
    • Study of V – I curve and power curve of solar cells to find the maximum power point (MPP) and efficiency of a solar cell
    • Calculation of solar cell efficiency
    • Application of solar cells in domestic use to charge a battery operated lamp, fan and radio

    Key Features

    • Small and compact solar panel trainer
    • Introduction into solar technology
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  • bio energy trainer labts.co.id
    Alternative Energy

    Bio Energy Trainer

    The bio energy trainer is used to show the functions of renewable fuel cell technology by using Isopropyl alcohol as the biofuel and bio energy derived from biofuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel, etc. The energy generated using the BIET can be used to run applications built into the unit such as the buzzer and fan.

    Key Features

    • Easy Illustration of energy generation using bio energy
    • Complete set up with fuel cell and applications on one board
    • Provided with bio fuel
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