Diesel Engine with Motor

The diesel engine with motor teaches students how to replace the timing belt and various other belts, how to replace the oil filter and generator.


Consists of: 2,500cc Diesel engine, Generator, Air Conditioning Compressor, Fuel System, Cooling System, Lubrication System, Intake Manifold, 220V Motor, Safety Breaker, Emergency Switch, Safety Fuse, Engine speed controller, Steel frame with Heat treatment painting And 4 wheels brake.

Size : Appox. 1,000 X 650 X 1,500 mm

Weight : Approx. 300 kg

Key Features

  • Teaches the functions and operating principles of a Diesel Engine.
  • Colour coded sections for education efficiency
  • Manufactured to replicate a real vehicle with internal engine movement.
  • Operated by motors so it runs in the same way of an actual vehicle.
  • Operation process of inner parts such as pistons and valvesand crank.
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