Open Channel and Closed Channel Flow

This is a floor standing open channel which can be quickly converted into a closed channel for studying both open and closed channel flow. It is to be used with HB100 Hydraulics Bench (separately supplied)

The channel has transparent side walls with tanks at both ends for supplying water to and receiving water from the channel. Each tank has a flow control valve to control flow and water level in the channel. The inlet tank has a stilling arrangement. A removable lid is placed on top of the open channel to convert it to a closed channel. The mid section of the channel bed is adjustable for demonstration of Bernoulli theorem in closed conduit flow.

Accessories and measuring instruments are provided for the flow study.

Instruction manual is also included.

Open Channel Flow
– Flow over sharp crested, broad crested and ogee weirs.
– Flow under sluice gate.
– Subcritical, critical and super critical flow.
– Energy dissipation.
– Hydraulic jump.
Closed Channel Flow.
– Bernoulli and continuity equations.
– Measurement of static pressure and total pressure.
– Calculation of flow velocity.
Test section width x depth x length 7.5 x 15 x 120 cm.
Bed adjustment Up to 75 mm upward
Measuring instruments
– Manometer 1 set.
– Pitot tubes 3 ea.
– Sluice gates 2 ea.
– Weirs 3 ea.
– Bridge pier 1 ea.
– Removable lid for closed channel conversion 1 ea.
– Connecting hose 1 ea.
Software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).
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