Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus

Bernoulli’s theorem is applied on flow through a clear acrylic Venturi tube. The apparatus is to be used with Hydraulics Bench i.e. HB100 or HB100N (separately supplied).

Static pressures at various points along the wall of a transparent Venturi tub are directly measured on a manometer equipped with a vent valve and a hand air pump. A movable stainless steel total head probe is also provided. Flow through the Venturi tube is controlled by a valve at the outlet. As a primary flow measuring device, coefficient of discharge for the Venturi tube can also be determined.

  • Application of the Bernoulli equation
  • Measurement of the meter coefficient of discharge at various flow rates
  • Comparison of experimental results with theoretical predictions
Diameters 28 mm inlet.
Taper Upstream 21°, Downstream 10°
Water manometer 8 tubes.
Total head probe 1 ea.
Software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).
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