Metacentric Height

This equipment is designed to determine the metacentric height of a floating body and the height variation with the tilt angle. It is to be used with Hydraulics Bench i.e. HB100 or HB100N or a bowl (separately supplied).

The equipment consists of a rectangular pontoon. The center of gravity of the pontoon can be moved sideways by moving horizontal jockey weight.

The angle of tilt of the pontoon is indicated by a plumb-bob on a scale attached. The center of gravity of the pontoon can also be moved vertically by means of adjustable vertical weights on the mast.

  • Experiment to illustrate the floatation characteristics
  • Determination of the Metacentric Height
Pontoon 400 mm long x 200 mm wide x 100 mm high.
Horizontal scale 1 mm graduation.
Maximum angle of tilt ± 13ox 0.5º graduation
Vertical sliding weight 1 ea.
Jockey weight 1 ea.
Software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).
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