Success in today’s workforce requires more than just technical skills. Surveys of business and industry representatives reveal that employers are looking for qualities such as a positive attitude, teamwork ability, communication skills, leadership skills, and good work ethics and habits. Unfortunately, many students get technical and academic training without ever learning the vital career skills that will help them get a job and keep a job. The Career Skills Education Program is designed to ensure students obtain these essential personal and employability skills.

Employability is a fundamental part of the Career Skills Education Program, delivering essential personal and employability skills. Developed by employability experts at SkillsUSA, in conjunction with intelitek, Employability features rich curriculum with hands-on, interactive graphics and activities to help develop and test comprehension.

Employability can be implemented as:

    • a stand-alone course
    • an enhancement for existing technical curriculum
    • as a virtual class where students work from home computers
    • a foundation for teaching career and life skills

Employability consists of 15 lessons, each of which covers a different topic. The course includes activities and a course workbook with worksheet for each of the 15 lessons.

    • Introduction
    • Time-Management Techniques
    • Personal Qualities Desirable for the Workplace
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Teamwork
    • Problem-Solving Techniques and Decision-Making Skills
    • Proper Business and Personal Ethics
    • Business Etiquette and Ethical Computer Behavior
    • Employer-Employee Relationships
    • Proper Communication with Diverse Populations
    • Career Goals
    • Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Job Applications
    • Potential Employer Interviews
    • Interviewing Skills
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