Mathematics for Technicians 2

Maintenance Technicians use mathematics as an integral part of their everyday activities such as installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting equipment. Math for Technicians 1 conveys skills-based math curriculum through LearnMate, Intelitek’s innovative e-learning platform.

Through virtual activities, Math for Technicians 2 delivers the mathematics and physics skills needed for working with materials, maintaining machinery and creating equipment layouts.

JobMaster® trainees can be confident they will posses the skills needed for success in industrial maintenance careers.

Course Outline

    • Working with Arithmetic and Algebra
    • Working with Whole Numbers
    • Working with Fractions
    • Working with Decimals
    • Working with Percentages
    • Working with Ratios and Proportions
    • Working with Systems of Measurement
    • Working with Geometry
    • Working with Trigonometry
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