Hand Tools

Develop the fundamental skills in identification, application and usage of hand tools Maintenance Technicians use each day.

Even in the most automated shop environments, hand tools play a key role in the installation, modification, and maintenance of most machines.
As you will discover in this skill set, using the proper tool for each application is essential to the quality of any job.


Hand Tools (BA05) Content Part #BA05


BA05: Basic Hand Tools

Introduction to Basic Hand Tools
Skill 1: Shop Safety
Skill 2: Rulers and Tape Measures
Skill 3: Calipers and Feeler Gauges
Skill 4: Squares and Levels
Skill 5: Knives
Skill 6: Scribes and Punches
Skill 7: Work Holding Devices
Skill 8: Hammers
Skill 9: Chisels
Skill 10: Saws
Skill 11: Pliers
Skill 12: Cutters
Skill 13: Files and Deburring Tools
Skill 14: Drivers
Skill 15: Hex Keys
Skill 16: Wrenches
Skill 17: Socket and Torque Wrenches

Skills Acquired: 
Identify hand tools
Hand tool safety
List how hand tools may be misused or abused
Select hand tools for specific tasks
Inspect hand tools
Repair or replace hand tools
Demonstrate safe use of hand tools

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