Hydrostatics Pressure – Tilting Submerged Quadrant

This equipment allows the moment caused by a fluid thrust on a wholly or partially submerged plane surface to be measured directly. This surface can be tilted.

A PVC quadrant is hinged on a shaft pivoted on knife edges which coincide with the quadrant center. The quadrant position is adjustable relative to a balance arm such that the submerged plane surface can be tilted by changing the lock pin position. A depth scale is indicated on the quadrant. When the quadrant is immersed in water, there are hydrostatic forces.

The balance arm has an adjustable counter balance and weights with a hanger. The quadrant is mounted on top of a clear acrylic tank which allows water to be admitted and drained to required level by a valve. The tank rests on adjustable footings and a bull’s eye level is provided.

  • Visual demonstration of the Shear Force and Bending Moment at a cut section in a beam
  • Determination of the Centre of Pressure
Quadrant Inner radius 100 mm
  –  Outer radius 1 lot.
  –  Width 75 mm
Tilting angle 0 to 30 degrees in either direction.
Weights 1 lot.
Software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).
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