Educational Wind Turbine

The unit is for a study of wind turbine characteristics.

The turbine consists of axial flow fan with speed control and flare entrance, a wind turbine, DC generator with resistance load, dynamometer, and measuring instruments. The turbine and blade angle can be adjusted using a special device. The unit can also be used for testing different blade design by students.

  • Calculation of wind power.
  • Turbine output VS wind speed.
  • Turbine efficiency.
  • Effect of blade angle.
  • Effect of number of blades.
 – Diameter 500 mm inside diameter
 – Maximum wind speed 20 mps.
Wind speed control Inverter.
Turbine casing Steel, 500 mm inside diameter x 500 mm long.
Wind turbine wheel 1 ea. with spare blades.
Turbine blade angle setting device 1 ea.
Generator 24VDC, 120 W.
Electrical load Resistive loads.
Dynamometer Mechanical
Turbine output
 – Maximum speed 4400 rpm.
 – Maximum mechanical power 130 W.
Measuring instruments
 – Wind speed Pitot tube
 – Sensor with digital display
  • Speed for turbine
  • Torque
  • Voltage and current for electrical output power.
Power supply 220V 1 Ph 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
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