Hydraulics Bench – Neo

Hydraulic Bench-Neo is a service basic unit for providing water supply and flow rate measurement to the other hydraulic bench accessories (separately supply) for specific experiments.

The bench top is flat fiber glass with edge and open channel. The accessory for the experiment is placed across the channel and discharges water via a drain pipe to the storage tank which has a drain valve. A pump draws water from the storage tank and supplies to the quick coupling outlet at the top. A lid for the drain pipe is provided to trap water in the channel for some experiment. The unit is on a steel frame on wheels.

Instruction manual is also included.

Pump 0.37 kW.
Bench top dimensions Approx. 126 cm long × 78 cm wide
Open channel Approx. 25 cm wide × 17 cm deep
Storage tank Approx. 180 L.
Half union at outlet pipe for connection to external pump.
Flow measurement Flow digital display
Accessory Outlet hose with fittings for connection to accessory
Power supply 220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
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