Turbo Jet Engine – 70N Thrust

The engine is a small turbo jet engine and modified for educational purposes. The unit has a radial flow compressor and an axial flow turbine as in modern jet plane.

Inlet air through an orifice flow measuring device is compressed by a single stage radial flow compressor. The turbine is motor started and runs on Jet A fuel. Fuel is injected and ignited in the combustion chamber providing hot gas for a single stage axial flow turbine which inturn drives the compressor. The gas is exhausted through a nozzle at high velocity providing a thrust. The turbine runs on ceramic bearings. Lubrication is provided by jet oil in the fuel, and no separate lubrication system is required. A fan is provided for engine cooling.

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) controls the basic turbine operation. Additional instruments are provided for monitoring and controlling engine operation and performance.

A touch screen computer with an interface unit, and software are provided for speed control, data display and analysis, and to assist the ECU.

A transparent engine cover and over speed shutdown are provided.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Understanding the thermodynamic process
  • Static thrust vs turbine speed
  • Power input and output and propulsive efficiency.
Engine construction
 – Diffuser High strength aluminium.
 – Combustion chamber Stainless steel.
 – Turbine Vacuum cast inconel.
 – Compressor High grade aluminium alloy.
Engine performance specifications.
 – Maximum static thrust Up to 70 N at approx. 150,000 rpm.
 – Starting and running fuel Jet A or Kerosene with jet oil.
 – Temperatures Inlet air, diffuser exit, turbine guide vane entry and exit and nozzle exit.
 – Pressures Diffuser exit and turbine exit.
 – Thrust.
 – Speed.
 – Fuel flow rate.
 – Air flow rate Differential pressure at inlet orifice.
  • Engine cooling fan
  • 2 Ear muffs
  • Jet oil, 1 L.
  • Barometer
Power supply 220V, 1 Ph, 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
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