Lubrication for Technicians

Lubrication for Technicians features skills-based curriculum delivered through LearnMate, Intelitek’s innovative e-learning platform. Through virtual activities, students learn about lubrication equipment, application methods and periodic lubrication schedules.

Course Outline

    • Lubrication Fundamentals
    • Lubrication Terms
    • Identifying Lubricating Oils
    • Identifying General Purpose Greases
    • Identifying Special Purpose Greases
    • Applying Lubricating Oils
    • Applying Lubricating Greases
    • Bearing Lubrication
    • Setting Up a Lubrication Schedule
    • Selecting Synthetic Lubricants
    • Grease Guns
    • Bearing Packers
    • Grease Lubricators
    • Drop Feed Oilers
    • Electric Chain Oilers
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